The Foam Blowers of Indiana (FBI) is an AHA (American Homebrewers Association) sanctioned club based in the Indianapolis, IN area.  We are also the current Indiana Homebrew Club of the Year! We have been in existence since the mid 1980's. This website is just a starting point to introduce you to our club. We use a Yahoo Group Site for internal club communications and we have a Public Facebook Page for others to follow our activities.

Our Facebook page can be found here FBI Public Facebook Page. Anyone can follow this page. Most of our meetings and activities are posted on this page and anyone is welcome to attend our meetings. You don't have to be a member to attend some initial meetings. See more information about our different meetings below.

Our Yahoo Group page is for our internal communications and you need to be a member to join this group site. If you are not a member, there may still be some information visible to the public on the homepage of this site that may be of interest to you. If you are a member or are ready to join, just click the JOIN button on the homepage, add a message and submit your request. You will then be authorized to view the rest of the site, as well as receive emails, etc. This site is located here FBI Members Yahoo Group Site.

To join the Foam Blowers of Indiana (FBI), please read the instructions, then print, fill out and mail the following application along with your annual dues.

Below are various photos and videos from some past meetings, as well as some additional information about our meetings, club t-shirts and more. Thanks for your interest in the Foam Blowers of Indiana and we hope to see you at a meeting soon!

2012 Holiday Meeting - A Jeroboam (3L) of Chimay Blue and the base ingredients for a Belgian Beef Carbonade.

2012 Holiday Meeting - Some of the group in attendance (not pictured are Sandy, BJ, Paul, Tracey and others).

2012 Holiday Meeting - A small vertical tasting of Bigfoot - 1 of 3 vertical tastings that day!

2011 Holiday Meeting - A Jeroboam (3L) of aged Sami Claus. Ron likes Big Bottles and he cannot lie!

2009 Heavy Hydrometer Annoucements and Awards Presentation Video.

The club has mutliple different types of meetings and events, including...

Our main monthly meeting is held at Triton Brewery on the first Wednesday evening of each month. We meet in the back next to the fermenters and barrels where some great Triton beer is being made. What a great setting for a homebrew meeting! At this meeting, we typically highlight a specific style of beer. The club covers the cost of a couple commercial examples to taste and we discuss the style. Then, we taste homebrewed examples of this style, as well as any other styles. If the brewer wants feedback, we will openly discuss it. Otherwise, we will just sample it and say thanks. We appreciate Triton's hospitality and try to thank them by buying a beer (or two).

Our other monthly meeting is typically held at a member's home on a Saturday afternoon (maybe from around 2:00 - 6:00). These meetings are generally more social in nature, with spouses / significant others and friends being welcome. Members bring homebrew, commercial beers, a food dish and enjoy an afternoon of good beer and friends that enjoy the homebrewing hobby.

A quarterly meeting we have is a more technical educational meeting, referred to as our CIA Meeting. This meeting originally grew out of a BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) Study Group and continues to be a technical session for advanced homebrewers. CIA stands for Central Indiana Alliance of Beer Judges and these meetings are great continuing education meetings for BJCP judges, but any homebrewers wanting advanced knowledge are welcome to attend. These meetings are held at Great Fermentations training room and typically consist of a formal presentation, a speaker, a tasting, etc.

Another quarterly meeting is referred to as our Pub Night Meetings. These meetings are generally held at a local brewpub, beer bar, winery, etc. These meetings are part social and part educational as we often get brewery tours and have discussions with the brewers, etc. Members will usually gather at a large table and may enjoy dinner as part of this meeting.

Other meetings and events throughout the year include:

- The Brew-B-Q / Indiana Homebrew Club Day - This is a gathering that we host for all the homebrew clubs in the state to get together in a fun, non-competitive environment and celebrate our hobby and being in a club. You can learn more about this event at its dedicated Facebook page found here Brew-B-Q - Indiana Homebrew Club Day Facebook Page.

- The Heavy Hydrometer FBI-Members-Only Club Competition - A club competition for big beers that has been running for nearly 20 years!

- AHA National Conference - A group of members usually attends this annual event each summer. When it is close to the Midwest, we usually have a very large group and participate in Club Night, serving beer, dressing like 1950's FBI agents, etc.

- Indiana Brewers Guild Winterfest - We typically participate in this festival and serve some of our homebrew for attendees to enjoy.

- Indiana State Fair Brewers Cup Competition - We have won Homebrew Club of the Year multiple times. We typically have a large group of people that attend this event, help judge or steward, and then serve beer at the Awards Reception. Learn more at Indiana Brewers Cup.

- And many more!

NOTE that Ron Smith's BJCP Study Group sessions are not officially a club activity, but lots of FBI members do participate in them. To learn more about these BJCP Study Group sessions and becoming a BJCP Judge, see Ron's Beer MBA Website.

CLUB SHIRTS - We have t-shirts (as well as other types of apparel) available at*. Please use this link anytime you order shirts (including the asterisk), because this is a special link that allows the club to earn a few dollars off of each sale (the cost is the same either way, so let the club get these couple dollars rather than the shirt company).

BEER COASTERS - We also have some great FBI coasters for sale. The club logo is printed in dark green on a very heavy 60-point coaster stock. A sleeve contains 90 coasters. We are selling them for $10 / sleeve; $15 / 2 sleeves; $20 / 3 sleeves. The proceeds go to the club. These can be purchased by sending your order and a check to the same address as the club application (see info and link above).

Photos, corrections, links, comments, suggestions, critiques, articles, reviews, etc. should be emailed to RonSmith at (317-564-4898).